Vishwakarma Caste

Vishwakarma Caste (also known as Vishwabrahmin / Dhiman Brahmins / Jangid Brahmins) describes a Brahmin Caste of India who claim to be descendants of Lord Vishwakarma. They are a caste of priests, engineers, architects, sculptors, temple builders and artists. The term is applied to five sub-castes; blacksmiths, carpenters, coppersmiths, goldsmiths and sculptors.


Vishvakarma created five Brahmas/prajapathies - from his five faces. They were Manu, Maya, Twosta, Silpy, Viswajna and their respective Rishis were

  • Sanaga Brahma Rishi,
  • Sanaathana Brahma Rishi,
  • Abhuvanasa Brahma Rishi,
  • Prathnasa Brahma Rishi,
  • Suparnasa Brahma Rishi.


Vishwakarma acharya are divided into five gotras (or clans); each Rishi’s name is mentioned in the Yajurveda.

  • Sanaga
  • Sanatana
  • Abhuvana
  • Pratanasa
  • Suparna

The caste consists of five sub-castes: carpenters, blacksmiths, brass smiths, sculptors and goldsmiths.


The Vishwakarma caste of south Karnataka, who is composed of several sub-castes, Surnames.

  • Kulachars/aachar
  • Shiv achars/acharya
  • Uttaradi goldsmiths
  • Mayachar founders
  • kammara
  • Badiger(carpenters)
  • Doddamanes
  • Chikkamanes

Most of these sub-castes do not intermarry and have a hierarchy among themselves. All the above sub caste is varied according to various regions of Karnataka. All the sub-castes worships the goddess Kali, they are very similar to Brahmins.


In Kerala, the Vishwakarma community is also known as Achary, Kammalar, or Viswa Brahmanar. They exist in Tamil in two communities: one Tamil (primarily in Travancore), one Malayali.


In TamilNadu, Tamil achari or asari are known as 'Tamil Kammalars' They were goldsmith and landlords.

North India

In North India, the Vishwakarmas are also known as Vishwbrahmin.


Vishwakarmas follow a strict vegetarian diet.